Thursday, October 18, 2012

Education for a (Re)generation

Welcome to the grand experiment that is my new blog!

This blog is intended as a space for inquiry and thoughtful dialogue into two subjects I'm deeply passionate about: music and education.

But it's also about more than that. Specifically, this blog will focus on the potential of both to bring forth a generation of solutionaries: active, engaged citizens equipped with skills, knowledge and motivation to apply their gifts and passions toward creating new systems/structures for a more healthy, humane, just, and socially/environmentally restorative world.

Here's what you can expect from me...
Biweekly, or possibly more frequent, posts that explore a variety of critical questions related to the broader themes of the blog, “solutionary” people/projects/organizations whose work I find particularly inspiring, key trends I’m observing, stories and firsthand learning experiences drawn from my current work in the field (ha ha) as a garden-based educator, and more.

...and here is my hope for YOU!
That this blog will, over the coming months, serve you as a genuine resource — beacon of hope and possibility, solutions-oriented thinking, and transformative dialogue — through which you will at times be inspired, at other times challenged, and all throughout, ever more deeply committed to align YOUR greatest gifts with the world's greatest needs. For that, I believe, is what the world is truly asking of us right now.

Anyway, I need to run; I'm about to connect with a talented group of youth leaders at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael!!! Expect a recap on that gathering soon. In the next few posts, you can also expect me to share a bit more about my background, as well as the reason I focus on being "solutionary" (what it means to me, and why I'm committed to imparting this mindset onto the children I work with). Call me ambitious but I'm on a relentless mission to launch this word into the ethosphere of human consciousness, to such an extent that when we look back on the work done by this generation of children/youth coming of age today, we have ample reasons to refer to their period of time on this planet as "the solutionary generation".

Inspired to action,

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